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Eric Bibb: das neue Album des Blues-Meisters

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012 | By | Category: Neue Alben

K eine zehn Jahre hat ERIC BIBB benötigt, um im Blues-Sektor ein Haushaltsname zu werden.  Mit seinem einzigartigen Spiel und seiner kreativen Vision hat BIBB die amerikanische Roots-Musik einer neuen Generation von Fans näher gebracht. BIBB ist und bleibt ein Erlebnis. In diesen Reigen fügt sich auch sein exzellentes neues Album „Deeper In The Well“ ein.

Eric Bibb

Eric Bibb

Die Details liefert Euch Eric persönlich: „Anyone with an avid interest in the traditional folk music of North America knows that Louisiana has long been, and still is, a place where the old styles survive and thrive and new sounds are born. Its rich history of African, French, Spanish, Caribbean and Native- American influences has gifted the world with a unique culture that no catastrophe, natural or man-made, can ever destroy.

Arriving, mid-September, at Dirk Powell’s Cypress House Studio in Pont Breaux, Louisiana, with a satchel of new songs, I felt the thrill of great expectations. The last time I’d met up with Dirk was back in January when we both had been invited to be a part of the BBC’s „Celtic Connections“- filmed in the Scottish countryside. That was the first time we’d had the opportunity to playmusic together and we really hit it off. The original idea to record in Louisiana was hatched even earlier during a meeting with Matt Greenhill from Folklore Productions.

His many talents include getting like-minded musicians together in interesting combinations. Anyway, knowing that I was looking for a versatile multi-instrumentalist to record with alongside harmonica virtuoso Grant Dermody, he suggested Dirk, an amazing musicianer who also has a wonderful studio. Matt also later came up with the idea of calling in the fabulous Cedric Watson, a young lion of the new Creole music evolving in and around Lafayette. Also on hand was the sublimely groovy Danny DeVillier, on drums, and Michael Bishop, sound engineer extraordinaire, who flew in from Ohio with his gear and million-dollar ears. Thusly assembled, in beautiful, not-too-hot, bayou weather, the seven of us, brothers of varying hue, came to record a celebration of our shared Americana héritage: „Deeper In The Well“.“

Deeper In The Well

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