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Justin Bieber – Videoshooting zu „One Less Lonely Girl“!

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009 | By | Category: News

In diesem feinen Clip gibt es tolle Einblicke hinter die Kulissen des Videodrehs zu „One Less Lonely Girl„. Der Song wurde in den USA gerade als zweite Single des anstehenden Justin Bieber-Albums veröffentlicht und wird auch bei uns schon bald erhältlich sein. Wir halten euch an dieser Stelle auf dem Laufenden! Viel Spaß mit dem Video!

Justin-Bieber (c) Pamely Littky

Justin-Bieber (c) Pamely Littky

Quelle: Universal Music

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  1. ich liebe dich


  3. Justin Bieber is the hot, hot singing sensation that is way forward of his time – and friends. In accordance to Justin Bieber, he does not have a girlfriend appropriate now and is relishing the perks of a solitary everyday life of a sixteen calendar year outdated person. This is inspite of of the truth that thousands and thousands of teenage girls in the US, Canada, and Australia would have a passion for to be Mrs. Bieber. Just very last month, the coronary heart-throb triggered such a mob prior to his Australian live performance that a variety of ladies went to the hospital. Most just hyperventilated – received way over energized, but one particular in reality injured her foot in the stampede. Appears to be enthusiasts started pushing right before the live performance when a rumor went out that Justin Bieber had arrived early. Cops in Australia had to in actual fact cancel the live performance well before it started considering the scene was way out of management.

  4. Diesen Justin Bieber Hype werd ich wohl nie verstehn

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