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Blue October – Video zur Single „Say It“ , geschnitten aus der BBC Serie Planet Earth

Sonntag, 13. September 2009 | By | Category: Top News

Blue October – Video  zur Single „Say It“ , geschnitten aus der BBC Serie Planet Earth

Anklicken und laut machen – spitzen Video gibt’s im Netz zu „Say It“ , geschnitten aus der BBC Serie Planet Earth. Groß wie ich finde.

Anklicken, zurücklehnen, auf großem Bildschirm angucken und laut machen!

Blue October „Say It“



Infos dazu:

If you want to „say it“, please run your bathtub full of hot water. Let it cool down for 24 minutes. Then put your head under water, take a deep breath and say it out loud. If you have a lcd screen built in at the bottom of your tub, you should watch this video while you say it. Yes.

This vid is a footage mashup from the bbc planet earth series. If you have never heard of that, please check it out. Its fantastic!

planet earth:



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