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RUSH: Ausführliches Track-By-Track Feature für das neue Album auf

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012 | By | Category: Top News

Jeder RUSH Fan wird nun für einen kleinen Moment neidisch auf die Redakteure von sein, denn diese durften sich das am 8. Juni erscheinende Album „Clockwork Angels“ bereits in voller Länge (und so oft sie wollten) durchhören! Aber schnell sollte dann wieder die Neugierde überhand gewinnen: HIER findet ihr nämlich ab sofort ein ausführliches Track-By-Track Feature des kompletten Albums, eingeleitet durch folgende Worte:

Rush - Credits: Andrew MacNaughton

Rush - Credits: Andrew MacNaughton

„Somebody has got to sit Rush down and read them the rules – you know, the ones that state that they have to act their freaking ages and stop jamming around so damn much; that six and seven-minute songs with lots of badass musicianship are out; that there can’t possibly be new sounds to discover; that concept albums are so, like, Hemispheres; that songs are supposed to be verse, chorus, verse – c’mon, call in the pro LA tunesmiths already!

And don’t forget to tell them to get at least five or six backing musicians on stage – that’s what all the really big bands do; that they need to write some tunes about chicks, for chrissake; that the drummer must play to the song – knock it off with all that, you know, „extra stuff.“
And most of all, won’t somebody please tell these guys that groups that have been together for 38 years are supposed to suck? They’re not meant to have breakthroughs and keep getting better and better. Can’t anybody send them the memo?

But wait… hold on a second. If Rush decided to buckle down and behave, if they adhered to the standards and practices of Music 101, that would make them sound like practically every other band out there. They would become safe, predictable and oh so un-Rush-like.

Fortunately, the three men (bassist-vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart) who power their way through the sprawling, open-hearted and wildly alive Clockwork Angels know that the best way to avoid creative stasis is to simply be themselves, and in doing so they’re growing in sophistication and revealing new depths of feeling at an astonishing rate. „

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